IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, Somatomedin)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 1051

  • Secretion is stimulated directly by the somatotropic hormone ( = growth hormone), IGF-1 can therefore be interpreted as equivalent to STH.
  • Useful in case of: growth imbalance (young animals), changes in coat structure, acromegaly (adult animals), therapy resistant diabetes mellitus in cats
  • Single value: only conditionally decreased in case of growth imbalances, if a questionable result is yielded, a function test should be performed (Xylazin stimulation test/STH stimulation test)
  • In cattle, IGF-1 as a laboratory parameter is suitable for the early diagnosis of ovarian cysts and laminitis.


serum 0.5 ml (cooled)


Chemiluminiscence Assay (CLIA)

Species list

dog, cat, others on request


1 day