LABOKLIN Service ID: 609


serum 1 ml (centrifuged promptly, cooled, preferably frozen)


ELISA (only cat)


1 day


  • In case an insulinoma is suspected; concentration is only diagnostically conclusive if glucose is determined at the same time.
  • 12-hour fasting period prior to sampling no longer recommended for horses, but no concentrated feed or cereal grains – only hay.
  • The serum must immediately be centrifuged, pipetted and cooled before shipping.
  • Dog: Determine insulin/glucose ratio or AIGR (amended insulin/glucose ratio). An insulin/glucose ratio < 52 or an AIGR < 30 are considered normal.
  • Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS): EMS leads to a disorder of carbohydrate and fat metabolism with insulin dysregulation (ID). Increased insulin secretion (partly) compensates for decreased insulin efficiency. Insulin-dysregulated horses therefore have considerably increased fasting insulin levels. At the same time, fasting glucose is physiological (compensated) or elevated (not compensated). Further tests: glucose tolerande test, combined glucose insulin test and oral glucose test (see Function Tests).
  • Simultaneous measurement of the glucose level makes it possible to calculate the proxies
    insulin/glucose ratio,
    reciprocal inverse square of insulin (RISQI) - “insulin sensitivity” and
    modified insulin-to-glucose ratio (MIRG) -“ß-cell function (pancreas)”.