Oestrone Sulphate

LABOKLIN Service ID: 122


serum 1 ml



Species list

horse, donkey


5 days


  • Mare: To determine an intact pregnancy
  • In pregnant mares, oestrone sulphate is secreted in increasing concentrations from the 50th day onwards. The oestrone sulphate level drops to basal level after abortion or resorption within a few days. Reliable diagnosis is possible from day 110 onwards.
  • Stallion (from 3 years of age): Diagnosis of cryptorchidism (horse only; please indicate sex on submission form). Because of the higher sensitivity and as it is independent of age, we recommend the determination of Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) instead.
  • Llama/alpaca: diagnosis of late pregnancy (from 10/11th month onwards).