LABOKLIN Service ID: 1194


serum 0.5 ml (centrifuge promptly within 1 hour and separate serum, send cooled or, even better, frozen



Species list

dog, others on request


1 - 6 days


  • At least 6 hours of fasting before sample collection.
  • The test will not be performed if the samples do not arrive well cooled at the laboratory (shipping is recommended in a styrofoam box with 2 – 3 frozen cold packs).
  • For the clarification of behavioural disorders. Decreased serotonin levels have been found in case of aggression as well as in separation anxiety and other behavioural problems.
  • The additional determination of serotonin can be helpful in diagnosis and therapy monitoring.
  • The determination of serotonin levels is also part of the Behaviour Profile (see Profiles, Small Animals, Biochemistry Profiles).