Immune Status

LABOKLIN Service ID: 1210


EDTA-blood or heparin blood 3 ml (not older than 48 h)


Complete Blood Count,
B-cells (CD21+), T-cells (CD 3+, CD 5+), T-helper cells (CD4+), cytotoxic T-cells (CD8+)


Flow cytometry


1 day


  • In dogs, determination of the immune status is useful for monitoring leishmaniasis. Furthermore, the immune status can be helpful for monitoring pyoderma (German Shepherd), demodicosis and systemic lupus erythematodes as well as T-cell deficiency.
  • In cats, the cellular immune status is used to determine the current phase of the disease in FIV-positive animals. The test is also used in FIV-positive cats with stomatitis.
  • In horses, it is used to clarify frequent and prolonged infections.