Specialist information

Here, information on sample collection and dispatch (preanalytics), videos on sample collection, photos of test findings, reference values and special information on individual tests are compiled.

This section also shows the areas in which Laboklin conducts research, develops new tests or scientifically evaluates routine findings. Laboklin contributions at congresses can be found either under “Publications” or under “Posters”.

The “Posters” section also contains the Laboklin posters on haematology, parasites, etc. as well as FECAVA posters on practice hygiene and flowcharts/tables on the use of antibiotics.

Laboklin offers you information on many topics in the “Help & Advice” series, which you can hand out to animal owners with your practice stamp.

Our monthly technical articles, which we send to interested veterinarians, can be found in our own section “Laboklin aktuell”.