Immune Status

LABOKLIN Service ID: 1210


EDTA-blood or heparin blood 3 ml


Complete Blood Count,
B cells (CD21+), T cells (CD 3+, CD 5+), t helper cells (CD4+), cytotoxic t cells (CD8+), Ratio CD4/CD8


Flow cytometry


1 day


  • Cell populations are given in absolute numbers as well as relative proportions.
  • Blood should be drawn max. 48 hours prior to testing.
  • Dogs: suspect immune deficiency (e.g. hereditary T cell defects).
  • Diagnostic aid in pyoderma, demodicosis, systemic Lupus erthematodes and Leishmaniasis
  • Cats: Follow up of disease in FeLV and FIV
  • Cats, dogs and horses: in case of recurrent as well as prolonged infections.