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an accredited specialist laboratory for veterinary diagnostics.

Since our foundation in 1989, we have been a reliable partner for veterinary practices and clinics throughout Europe and have established ourselves as one of the leading service providers in this field. Our spectrum ranges from examinations in the field of microbiology, clinical laboratory diagnostics and allergy to pathology and genetics.

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The platform for pet owners and breeders that contains all the important information at a glance.

Reference values – available anytime and anywhere
With the brand new LaboRef app, frequently needed reference values, sorted by category and animal species, are available for retrieval anytime and anywhere.

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New homepage on vector-borne diseases

Due to travel, animal imports and last but not least climate change, vector-borne diseases are becoming more and more important in Germany. Therefore, we would like to provide you with scientifically sound information on Anaplasma, Hepatozoa and Co. at  new homepage on vector-borne diseases

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Directory of tests become COMPENDIUM……

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