Leukaemia/Lymphoma Profile

LABOKLIN Service ID: 2380


Lymph node puncture (in NaCl plus a few drops of serum), peripheral blood (EB, HB 3 ml) + cytology/blood smear


Complete blood count (if peripheral blood is supplied), cytology/cytological blood smear, leukaemia immunophenotyping (by flow cytometry; myeloid and lymphoid cells), progenitor cells (depending on species), sample < 48h old, clonality (by PARR)


2 - 5 days


  • It is recommended to send in more blood, if possible, as immunophenotyping requires up to 5 ml of sample volume if the total leukocyte count is low.
  • For a complete evaluation in case of suspected leukaemia, the leukaemia profile is always recommended and should be interpreted in correlation with the clinical picture and the history.
  • See also Leukaemia Immunophenotyping
  • See also Lymphocytes Clonality