Lipase - DGGR

LABOKLIN Service ID: 12


serum (or EDTA plasma or heparin plasma) 0.5 ml


photometry (using DGGR reagent)


1 day


  • Measuring covers mainly the activity of pancreatic lipase, but also lipase activity in other tissues (stomach, small intestine). Threefold increase of the value indicates acute pancreatitis.
  • In serum, lipase activity remains elevated much longer than amylase activity. Therefore, in cases of suspected pancreatitis, both enzymes should always be determined. Applies for both enzymes: enzyme concentration is not proportional to the severity of illness. Especially in cats unaffected values of lipase can be seen despite pancreatitis.
  • In order to confirm the diagnosis of pancreatitis, pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity (PLI) should be determined.