Leukaemia Immunophenotyping

LABOKLIN Service ID: 64


Lymph node aspiration (in NaCl plus some drops of serum), peripheral blood (EB, HB 2 ml; not older than 48 h) + cytology/blood smear


flow cytometry

Species list

dog, cat, horse


1 - 2 days


  • It is recommended to send in more sample material if possible. Up to 5 ml of sample volume are required if the total leukocyte count is low.
  • With > 30.000 lymphocytes or positive clonality in the PARR test (see Pathology / Clonality Analysis of Lymphocytes), leukaemia immunophenotyping may allow to differentiate between lymphoproliferative neoplasia (lymphoma or leukaemia; B- and T-cell) and myeloid leukaemia. In dogs, it can additionally be differentiated between acute and chronic forms. This differentiation provides an indication of prognosis and treatment. Leukaemia immunophenotyping is also part of the Leukaemia/Lymphoma Profile.