For you as a veterinarian, we combine high-quality allergy tests, expert consultation in the environment of the dermatology patient and the therapeutic option of allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT) under one roof. In atopic diseases, allergens causing the allergy are determined by Fcε receptor technology.

On the one hand, we offer a step-by-step diagnosis consisting of an allergy screening test and the targeted differentiation of individual allergens into groups such as pollen, insects, hymenoptera, allergens of the domestic environment. On the other hand, we have put together packages that make quick and comprehensive diagnostics possible, such as pruritus profiles for dogs and cats or respiratory profiles and skin profiles for horses. For managing food intolerance, we offer food allergy testing with a variety of feed ingredients for dogs, cats and horses as a basis for selecting a diet with a defined composition.

Please also have a look at the specialist information under the heading Allergy/Dermatology as well as the FAQ. Here you will find extensive information on allergies and on special aspects of diagnosis and treatment.