Cu (Copper)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 30


serum or heparin plasma 0.5 ml




1 day


  • Copper is a component of various enzymes. Decreased levels can lead to depigmentation as well as growth - and reproductive disorders.
  • Dog: In the copper storage disease in the Bedlington Terrier, copper serum levels are usually normal, elevated levels can only be detected in liver tissue. For the genetic test for copper storage disease in Bedlington Terriers, Doberman and Labrador Retriever see category Genetics / Hererodtary Diseases.
  • Cattle: Decreased levels also occur in case of paresis, anaemia and cardiac insufficiency.
  • Sheep: In newborn lambs, copper deficiency leads to CNS symptoms. Oversupply, e.g. caused by mineral supplement for cattle, leads to intoxication in sheep.