Ca (Calcium)

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  • More than 99% of the body´s calcium is stored in the bones. Further functions are transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contractions and blood clotting.
  • Non-parathyroid-related hypercalcaemia often occurs due to tumours (malignant lymphosarcoma, carcinoma) also see Parathormone-rp).
  • Hypocalcaemia is often the cause of parturient paresis in cattle and of an increased tendency for seizure disorders in small animals.


serum or heparin plasma 0.5 ml




1 day


  • Calcium measurement from EDTA plasma does not provide plausible values.
  • In case of concurrent hypoalbuminaemia, the calcium level should be corrected.

Calculation: Corrected calcium level (mg/dl) = serum calcium level (mg/dl) – (0.4 x serum protein (mg/dl)) + 3.3