Complete Blood Count

LABOKLIN Service ID: 35


EDTA blood (or heparin blood) 1 ml + blood smear
small mammals: EDTA blood or heparin blood 0.5 ml + blood smear
birds: heparin blood 0.5 ml + blood smear
reptiles, amphibians, fish: heparin-blood 0,5 ml (+ blood smear)


mammals: flow cytometry
birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish: flow cytometry, leucocyte count and leucogram: microscopy

Species list

mammals, birds, reptiles (fishes, amphibians on request)


1 day


  • A leucogram is done in addition to a small blood count; and in dogs and cats, reticulocytes and their haemoglobine concentration (CHr) are determined.
  • For reliable results, the sample should not be older than 48 hours.
  • If possible, an air-dried, unstained and unfixed blood smear should be submitted additionally in case further examinations are necessary.
  • In turtles, tortoises and some bird species (corvids, hornbills, ostriches, cranes, some duck species), determination from EB is not possible due to the cell lysis effect.