Hygiene Monitoring - Hot Air Sterilizer + Surface desinfection Efficacy Testing

LABOKLIN Service ID: 6409


6 bioindicators + 3 contact plates


dry heat steriliser (6 bioindicators), 3 surfaces after disinfection (3 contact plates)




7 days


  • The bioindicators (contaminated with Bacillus atrophaeus) and the contact plates necessary for monitoring will be sent to you after you have ordered the test.
  • For monitoring the proper functioning of your dry heat steriliser, the bioindicators can be applied right in the device together with the regular sterilisation material.
  • The surfaces have to be cleaned and disinfected and must be well dried before sampling. Sampling is done using the contact plates. Please label the contact plates on the bottom.
  • Samples should be returned cooled to the laboratory within 24 hours together with the filled-in submission form.
  • If you participate regularly (2x per year), you will get a certificate stating the successful annual monitoring of the disinfection performance of your dry heat steriliser and the surface disinfection test.
  • This test is not available to third countries.