LABOKLIN Service ID: 8526

The recessive genetic variant of "cocoa" is the cause for a brown coat colour, which resembles the known brown colours through the B-locus very closely. Cocoa is not part of the B-locus and is not compatible with the variants found on that locus. Therefore, brown coat can develop completely separate through cocoa or/and the B-locus.
The variant of cocoa is a possible explanation for "choco Bullis" that could not be found through the analysis of the B-locus.
Besides to the coat variant, a deficiency of the thrombocytes has been recognized at homozygous cocoa dogs. However, the coagulation values of the analysed dogs are within the reference range. As long as the bleeding tendency has not been excluded, emergency medicine should be available in order to be able to tread the dogs immediately if necessary.

Synonyms: Brown, dark brown, chocolate, dark chocolate, "untestable chocolate"


TaqMan SNP assay

Breed list

French Bulldog


autosomal recessive


3 - 5 days after arrival of the sample in the lab