Allergy Screening Test

LABOKLIN Service ID: 7105

  • Cost-effective screening test to determine for which allergen group the main test should be performed or whether it is already possible to test again after cortisone administration.
  • Ideal test time at the time of exposure (3 – 4 weeks after the onset of the symptoms).


dog, cat: serum 2 ml
horse: serum 1.5 ml


Dog, cat: groups pollen, mites, moulds, flea saliva
Horse: groups pollen, mites, moulds, insects


dog, cat: ELISA, Fcε receptor technology
horse: ELISA


2 days


All samples sent in are stored by us for 14 days. Hence, in this time frame, if there has been a positive test result, it is possible to request further tests from a sample sent in for a screening test.