Thrombocyte Antibodies

LABOKLIN Service ID: 8054

There are two possible ways which lead to the development of thrombocyte antibodies:

  • Autoantibodies against platelets are formed. Only in this case, a positive test result can be expected.
  • In the course of another underlying disease, immune complex formation occurs causing secondary damage to the platelets.


EDTA blood or heparin blood 0.5 ml (not older than 72 h old)


flow cytometry


1 day


  • If possible, it is recommendable to send at least 1 ml EB as the required sample amount depends on the total platelet count.
  • evaluation: ≤ 10% negative, ≥ 10% positive
  • Detection of thrombocyte antibodies is also part of the Thrombocytopenia Profile.