Refill ASIT (dog/cat/horse) (incl. insects)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 6113

  • Hyposensitization to seasonal or perennial antigens according to test outcome
  • Please note: Food and Hymenoptera allergens cannot be added to the therapy!
  • Therapy has to be carried out for at least one year, if successful, it is continued for a lifetime (patient-specific solutions).
  • The composition of an ASIT can also be done on the basis of any other test result (e.g. intradermal testing).


not necessary


ca. 2 - 3 weeks


  • Please enclose a veterinary prescription with your order!
  • The refill set for approx. 10 months.
  • A maximum of 8 allergens or allergen mixtures per set; if more than 8 allergens/mixtures are needed, the allergens will be spread over a double set (2 sets), for which the double price of a single set is charged.