– It is important to take the swabs as sterile as possible to avoid contamination with physiological flora.

– Swabs for bacteriology (aerobic and anaerobic germs) and mycology should be sent with transport medium (swab in medium, TM) to protect the germs during shipment.

– Swabs for PCR tests should be sent without transport medium (swab without medium (A), swab without medium, dry swab) or with special medium.

– Urine should be sent in a sterile tube using a swab with transport medium or using Uricult, always in combination with a urine sample. If cystocentesis urine is sent in, please make sure to remove the needle.

– Hair and/or skin scrapings (without the scalpel!) for dignosis of dermatophyte are best sent in in a sterile container, a paper bag or aluminium foil.

– For sending faeces/excrement, special transport tubes should be used, no bags or gloves tied with a knot; also avoid the use of glass containers.

Blood culture bottles are available after prior written order (subject to a charge). Information on the different blood culture bottles available can be found here.