Lymphocyte Clonality (PARR)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 8418


tissue, air-dried stained or unstained cytological smears on slides without cover glass, paraffin material, lymphoid material


PCR for antigen receptor rearrangements (PARR)

Species list

dog, cat


4 – 6 days


This test provides the possibility
1) to confirm a suspected diagnosis (lymphoma/lymphatic leukaemia vs. reactive hyperplasia) and
2) if lymphoma/lymphatic leukaemia is present, to differentiate between T- or B-cell origin.
As only a cytological or a histological examination can reliably determine the presence of a lymphocyte population, the respective examinations are highly recommended. With regard to interpretation and limitations, please refer to the literature (e.g. Vet Clin Small Anim 43 (2013) 1331 – 1347). Furthermore, the results of all preexaminations as well as the clinical picture should be included in the overall diagnosis (summary probability diagnosis).
The examination can be performed on all materials containing a sufficient number of lymphocytes (fixed and unfixed cell material/tissue/smears/EDTA blood). Cell material can also be obtained directly from the cytological smear (without cover glass) or the histological paraffin block.