Borrelia Blot

LABOKLIN Service ID: 833


serum or heparin plasma 0.5 ml


line immunoassay /western blot (IgG antibody detection)


3 days


  • The Borrelia blot is used to clarify numerous questionable antibody titres and to distinguish between vaccine and infection antibodies.
  • The blot also detects antibodies against the VlsE protein and synthetic C6 peptide. VlsE (variable major protein-like sequence, expressed) and its subunit C6 are highly immunogenic surface antigens that express Borrelia during active reproduction. There is no recombination of the VslE molecule in vitro or in the Borrelia residing in the tick, the detection of antibodies against the VslE molecule therefore indicates an infection that has previously occurred.
  • The blot can be carried out at the earliest from the 3rd week after infection onwards.