Dermatophytes - PCR

LABOKLIN Service ID: 8489


hair with roots, deep skin scraping, scales, scabs, claws


realtime PCR


2 - 4 days


  • Zoonosis!
  • The culture also detects Malassezia; a false negative result is possible with previous treatment.
  • PCR is validated for the detection of the following dermatophyte species: Microsporum canis, Nannizzia gypsea (formerly: Microsporum gypseum), Nannizzia persicolor (formerly: Microsporum persicolor), Trichophyton (T.) mentagrophytes, T. benhamiae, T. equinum, T. verrucosum, T. erinacei.
    Further types of skin fungus might also be detected by the PCR. Differentiation of the most common dermatophyte species can be conducted on request.
  • PCR is not suitable for therapy monitoring (dead dermatophytes are detected as well).