Dirofilaria - Antigen

LABOKLIN Service ID: 610


serum or EDTA plasma or heparin plasma 0.5 ml




1 day


The serological examination is the most sensitive detection method for Dirofilaria immitens and detects the surface proteins of female, parturient filariae (macrofilariae), which are parasites in the heart or in larger vessels. The earliest time for a positive result is half a year p. i., but it can be delayed up to nine months if infected dogs receive heartworm prevention. Examination of puppies under the age of six months is therefore not appropriate. If in doubt, it is recommended to test for microfilariae or to take the test at a later point in time. Therapy monitoring should be done at the earliest 4 - 5 months after completing therapy. For the detection of microfilariae see below.