Surface contamination testing

LABOKLIN Service ID: 6250


contacte plate




2 days


  • The test can also be used for monitoring hand contamination.
  • The surfaces to be sampled have not to be disinfected before sampling. The contact plates, which need to be labelled on the bottom, must be returned cooled to the laboratory within 24 hours together with the filled-in submission form.
  • Where applicable, the following multiresistant germs can be identified:MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and/or MRSE (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis) and ESBL (germs forming extended spectrum ß-lactamase). For this, additional costs will be incurred.
  • For testing surface contamination after disinfection, the service “Surface disinfection efficacy testing” is available.