Predictive height test (horse)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 8528

The base exchange of a specific gene locus regulates the expression of the LCORL gene, which apparently influences the growth of the horse. This gene variation affects the withers of the warmblood horse. But other factors such as feeding, keeping and rearing of the horse, especially the offspring, or also the mother mare, are essential for the development and therefore influence the size of the horse. Horses with the "small" genotype (T/T) had an average height of 164 cm in the horses tested by us. Horses with the genotypes C/T and C/C were on average 4-8 cm taller. The test does not guarantee an exact stick size of the horse, but if the genotype is known, the size can be limited. Breeders are thus able to increase the chance of the desired phenotype, if the genotype of both parents is known.


TaqMan SNP assay, if necessary sequencing


see test information


3 - 5 days (in case of sequencing 1 - 2 weeks)