You can request additional tests for sample material that has already been sent in if

  • reordering is done within the sample storage period (see below)
  • the sample contains sufficient material
  • the maximum sample age that may be indicated for the newly requested test is not exceeded (e. g. for morphology, flow cytometry). Generally, parameters with special requirements for pre-analytics (cooled or frozen) cannot be reordered.

Reordering can be done

  • by e-mail to or to
  • by MyLab
  • by telephone +49 971 7 20 20 via the switchboard or as part of our specialist counselling
  • by fax on +49 971 6 85 46
  • by post

Storage periods depend on the type of sample material and the purpose of the submission, i. e. the type of test that was originally requested. The periods specified below apply to samples tested in Bad Kissingen (as of December 2021).

Storage after clinical-chemical examinations, allergy tests, serological examinations (antibody detection; antigen detection, except those from faeces):

  • serum, heparin plasma, citrate plasma, EDTA plasma: 14 days
  • EDTA blood, heparin blood: 7 days
  • urines: 7 days
  • uroliths: 7 days (in most cases, however, the material is needed completely for analysis)
  • punctures and CSF: 7 days
  • blood smears: 14 days

Storage after bacteriological, mycological and parasitological examination (detection by culture, all types of faecal analysis incl. antigen detection from faeces), tests for maldigestion:

  • faeces: 7 days
  • skin/hair, swabs, urine, milk: 14 days
  • punctures: 4 weeks
  • isolated pathogens: 7 days

Storage after pathogen detection using PCR:

  • independent of the sample material (blood, CSF, urine, swabs, tissue, feather, etc.): 3 weeks
  • extracted DNA/RNA: 1 year
  • Please note that extracted DNA/RNA is only suitable for reorders of further tests using PCR/genetic methods, but not for tests that require microbial growth. It is therefore not possible to request an additional resistance test if the sample had been sent in for PCR pathogen detection.

Storage after histopathological examination:

  • wet material (tissue samples): 3 weeks
  • cytology-object slides/cytology-samples: 3 weeks
  • paraffin blocks and sections: 5 years

Storage after testing for hereditary diseases or coat colours/determination of race, parentage:

extracted DNA: at least 5 years

Storage after sex determination in birds:

extracted DNA: 1 year