General information

In the veterinary practice, hygiene is one decisive prerequisite for successful treatment. For this purpose, the proper functioning of sterilisers should be checked on a regular basis. The same holds true for testing the disinfection of surfaces or endoscopes. Our research data reveals that several sterilisers we tested in practice did not show any level of sterilisation anymore and particularly with endoscopes, regular monitoring of disinfection measures is strongly recommended.

Please only use printed submission forms to order hygiene tests (no online orders). You can request hygiene submission forms from Laboklin or print them out yourself (PDF in My Lab).

The test materials for the following tests will be sent to you after we have received your submission form. Samples can be collected up to the expiration date of the test kit, as long as the kit is stored according to the specifications in the accompanying documents. The invoice will be issued after receipt of the order.

If you undergo regular hygiene inspections, Laboklin will issue a corresponding certificate. Further information can be found in the specifications.