Chlamydia - PCR

LABOKLIN Service ID: 8004


  • dog, cat and others: swab without medium (eye, pharynx, cervix, prepuce), abortion material
  • birds: triple swab without medium (eye AND pharynx AND cloaca), tissue (liver, spleen, lung), if need be faeces
  • reptiles: swab without medium, lung lavage, tissue
  • farm animals: swab without medium (eye, nose, cervix), tracheal lavage, milk, faeces, tissue, abort material
  • amphibians: swab without medium, tissue


realtime PCR


1 - 3 days


  • Pathogen detection identifies all Chlamydia of the family Chlamydiaceae.
  • In case of a positive result in birds, a PCR specific to C. psittaci is automatically performed.