In many cases, molecular genetic techniques can be used to identify genetic variants that are correlated with hereditary diseases – in this case, it is possible to identify both homozygous affected individuals and carriers of a trait. Laboklin offers a large number of tests for the different breeds of various animal species, some of the tests were developed in-house, some of them are patented. On this page, we have listed the tests for you according to the animal species, sorted them alphabetically and provided detailed explanations for each disease.

Numerous phenotypic traits can also be identified genetically, which is of interest when breeding. This includes, for example, coat colours and spottings as well as coat length. These tests are also listed alphabetically.

Other fields of work in genetics include identity and parentage analysis in dogs, cats and horses, breed classification in dogs and cats, sex determination in birds and molecular biological species differentiation in some domestic and wild animal species for a wide range of diagnostic issues. Testing for certain performance characteristics in horses and ruminants completes our range of services.

Information on sample collection can be found in the Preanalytics – and in the FAQs