Blood Culture

LABOKLIN Service ID: 110


blood in blood culture flasks (Signal system)


pathogenic agents


cultural, bacteriology (MALDI-TOF)
aerobic and anaerobic


7 – 10 days


  • Please order blood culture bottle(s) in advance (subject to a charge).
  • Different blood culture bottles are available (see Preanalytics).
    If there is a single bottle, analysis of aerobic and anaerobic pathogens is carried out from this bottle.
    The set contains a separate bottle for the blood sample for anaerobic testing with a transport medium optimised for these pathogens. The set should be preferred if sufficient blood can be obtained from the patient.
  • Inoculation is done with 1 – 3 ml of blood for the single bottle; in the set, each bottle must be inoculated with 5 – 10 ml of blood.
  • Blood should be collected during a fever episode.
  • It is recommended to send in 2 – 3 (sets of) blood culture bottles (blood collection at different times, intervals of at least 1 hour).
  • Storage and transport are uncooled.
  • Full blood in normal blood tubes (e.g. EDTA tubes) or swabs do not lead to reliable results so we recommend always using a blood culture bottle.
  • Bacteraemia may occur physiologically in reptiles.