LABOKLIN History 1989-1997

January 1st 1989


LABOKLIN GmbH is founded by Dr. Elisabeth Müller, Dr. Rüdiger Leimbeck and Prof. Dr. Bernd Sonnenschein as a successor company of the “Institut für Darmdiagnostik Dr. Flaßhoff”, Germany’s first veterinary laboratory.

Quickly LABOKLIN gains the reputation as a lab for veterinary surgeons. At that time nobody yet knows that LABOKLIN becomes one of the most successful veterinary laboratories in Europe. A story of success begins.

January 1989

Veterinary team at LABOKLIN

Company Founder Dr. Elisabeth Müller and Dr. Anton Heusinger, Specialist in lab diagnostics, are the veterinary team at LABOKLIN.

Work is done in a neat old building in Prinzregentenstraße, Bad Kissingen. At this time five technicians and three secretaries in the office and the accounts department are dealing with more and more samples.

October 1995

Pathology Department

Dr. Gerhard Loesenbeck, specialist in pathology, founds, as a working-group leader, the Histo-pathology section at LABOKLIN.

January 1997

New chapter

A new chapter begins at LABOKLIN: The first molecular biological test is introduced with the sex determination of birds.

Soon, the team led by biologist Dr Petra Kühnlein expands its range of services to include the diagnosis of hereditary and infectious diseases. Thanks to PCR.

July 1997

First branch abroad

LABOKLIN Linz becomes – under a modernised company logo – the first branch abroad. Veterinarian Eva Kahnt helped to set up the laboratory at Rosenstraße 1 in the city centre of Linz.

LABOKLIN History 1999-2009

July 1999

Sample pick-up service

LABOKLIN is breaking new ground and offers a nationwide sample collection service by courier. This allows veterinarians to drop off samples in the evening and possibly receive the results as early as the next day.

Since 2001, numerous drivers from our courier companies have also been on the road for our customers’ samples in large parts of Austria and since 2003 in Luxembourg.

Januar 2000


With the acquisition of the VETLAB laboratory in Lahr, LABOKLIN is primarily expanding its expertise in the field of allergy diagnostics.


Laboklin changes its legal form

Laboklin changes its legal form, with Laboklin GmbH now becoming the veterinary laboratory Laboklin GmbH & Co KG.

December 2000


LABOKLIN Basel becomes the second foreign branch of LABOKLIN GmbH & Co. KG. In order to optimally serve customers in Switzerland, the laboratory sets up shop at Lehenmattstrasse 320.


Accreditation by the DACH

Laboklin receives DACH GmbH (German Accreditation Body for Chemistry) accreditation for the next two years for its site in Bad Kissingen.

January 2006

Communication between veterinary practice and laboratory.

LABOKLIN revolutionises the communication between veterinary practice and laboratory.

Together with the practice software easyVet, a system is being developed that enables veterinarians to register their laboratory tests online.

Other software providers follow suit in the course of the year.

October 2006

Internet presentation and My Lab

LABOKLIN revises its internet presentation and offers its customers an innovative diagnostic service.

From now on, it is possible to check the current status of sent samples and findings from any computer worldwide via the so-called “My Lab” link.

This will not be the last innovation from LABOKLIN.

December 2006

Home, sweet Home…

After more than 16 successful years, LABOKLIN leaves the laboratory in Prinzregentenstraße in Bad Kissingen’s city centre and moves into a new and modern laboratory in the industrial park of the former US barracks. From now on, Steubenstraße 4 is the centre of LABOKLIN.


A new laboratory…

Laboklin continues its growth in Europe. A new laboratory is opened in Poland.


Accreditation by the AKS

Laboklin receives accreditation from AKS (Staatliche Akkreditierungsstelle Hannover) for its site in Bad Kissingen for the next four years.


A new laboratory in Berlin

Due to the steady growth of LABOKLIN, the number of samples sent in is also increasing consistently. In order to ensure rapid analysis in the future, a new laboratory is being built in Berlin, which will help us to continue to meet our own quality requirements.

LABOKLIN History 2009 until today


Branch in Bratislava

LABOKLIN opens a new branch in Bratislava (Slovakia), thus gaining influence in Eastern Europe for the first time.

Dezember 2012

Expansion of the company complex in Bad Kissingen

The ongoing expansion of LABOKLIN finally makes the extension of the company complex in Bad Kissingen inevitable. The New House is added to the existing building, which now gives individual departments the opportunity to expand further and strengthen their performance.

January 2013

New website

Facelift of our website

November 2013

Web app for mobile devices

LABOKLIN is the first German laboratory to introduce a web app for mobile devices. This allows users to view their LABOKLIN findings from anywhere.

February 2015

Laboratory BattLab

The renowned BattLab laboratory becomes part of the Laboklin family. A fully equipped building and a highly professional team can now provide customers in the UK with Laboklin’s elaborate range of tests.

April 2015

Laboratory in the Netherlands

Laboklin’s expansion on a European level continues. With the Netherlands, another neighbouring country of Germany can now access Laboklin’s portfolio.


Accreditation by the DAkks

Laboklin receives DAkks (German Accreditation Body) accreditation for its Bad Kissingen & Berlin site for the next five years.


Branch in Riga

LABOKLIN opens a new branch in Riga and expands its influence towards Eastern Europe.

May 2017


Laboklin opens a new laboratory in Europe: from now on, sample evaluations are also possible in Madrid.


Linz Branch, Austria

The Linz branch is also getting too cramped for the growing number of samples. The laboratory, which now has 20 employees, moves to Paul-Hahn-Straße.

December 2019 – May 2020

LABOKLIN Laboratory and administration building BA 3

The ongoing expansion of LABOKLIN finally makes the extension of the company complex in Bad Kissingen inevitable. After a new building was erected in 2012, the new House 3 is being added to the existing structure, which now gives individual departments the opportunity to expand further and strengthen their performance.
The extension covers a total floor space of 3617 m² and is funded by the Bavarian regional support programme for trade and industry.

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