Bacteriology (aerobes)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 150


  • swab (with medium): skin, wound, nose, pharynx, ear, urethra, urine, milk, vagina, etc.
  • abscess material (swab with medium)
  • bronchial lavage, bronchial secretions, tracheal secretions (swab with medium)
  • faeces
  • skin, skin scales, hairs, scurf, feathers
  • liquor
  • aspirates (from sterile body cavities)
  • milk


cultural, MALDI-TOF


2 - 3 days


  • Smears from purulent material: A detection by culture from purulent material is often difficult as the bacteria are pre-damaged and therefore difficult to breed.
  • Abscess material: Split the abscess cavity and swab the inside of the abscess membrane; requesting an anaerobic bacteriological examination is advisable, too.
  • Bronchial lavage: For microbiological examination, lavage fluid should be sent in using a swab with transport medium.
  • Please state if Bordetella bronchiseptica is suspected as special culture media are required!
  • Skin: It is essential to take the samples from the edge of the lesion. If a parasitological examination is to be carried out as well, hairs or skin scrapings are required.
  • Ear smear: If a parasitological examination is also requested, a swab without medium must be sent in additionally.
  • For punctures from primarily sterile body cavities, the blood culture bottle Peds plus is recommended; the sample material should not be cooled.
  • If testing for actinomycetes and Nocardia is desired, it is to be requested separately.
  • For the examination of the milk of ruminants separate services are offered.