Leishmania - Antibodies (ELISA)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 2012


serum 0.5 ml



Species list

dog, cat


1 day


  • Positive antibody titres appear at the earliest 2 – 3 weeks p.i.
  • In asymptomatic dogs, ELISA is significantly more sensitive (approx. 90%) than IFAT (approx. 50 – 70%).
  • Antibody detection is not suitable for therapy monitoring. Instead, serum protein electrophoresis and determination of C-reactive protein are recommended.
  • We also offer quantitative PCR in dogs which has a high predictive value and is recommended in combination with serology, especially if titres are low or questionable. Quantitative PCR is also suitable for monitoring the course of infection and the treatment (mostly if titres are high).