Sex Determination (bird) - PCR

LABOKLIN Service ID: 6011

The method we use to determine the gender is based on the principle of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It allows for quick and reliable determination of the sex of the bird using small quantities of genome-containing samples. The test is based on the replication of two highly conserved target genes, which makes it possible to examine many different species.
The method carried out by us provides double safety: During PCR, one probe specifically binds to the “female” sequence, while the other one binds to the “male” sequence, if these are present. This way, there will be one sex confirmed and the other sex excluded.


EDTA blood or 2 - 3 quills from freshly feathers plucked under anaesthesia



Species list

We will be pleased to provide you with information on which bird species we test.


2 - 5 days


  • To ensure a correct analysis, the sample must not be contaminated with foreign DNA. For this purpose, please wear gloves when sampling or wash your hands after each sample you take.
  • Lost feathers and down feathers are not suitable for the test.
  • Please pack feathers separately for each bird. For “dry” feathers, it is sufficient to use an envelope or a small paper bag, “wet” feathers can, for example, be packed in blood or urine tubes or in standard freezer bags.
  • Additionally, we offer so-called SampleKits for submitting feather samples or blood cards. You can request them free of charge.
  • It is essential to specify the exact bird species when submitting the samples.
  • We recommend marking the samples with the ring or chip number of the bird.