The name of the animal or owner and, for farm animals, the ear tag number(s) should be clearly marked on the submission form and the sample. Alternatively, bar code labels can be used to unmistakably identify the sample and submission form – they willt automatically be sent along when submission forms are ordered. For farm animals, there are special sample lists for the submission of several samples, even from different animals in a livestock.

In the case of functional tests, additionally the respective time of collection.


Bar code labels
On one sheet there are labels for 6 patients one below the other. For each patient there are labels for your laboratory jornal, the submission form and for marking the sample tubes/vessels to be sent.

There is a pre-printed label for serum and EDTA; for any other label, the material must be added in handwriting.

Please stick the bar code exactly over the tube label so that the content is still visible through the uncovered areas.