Serological Blood Group Typing (dog, cat)

LABOKLIN Service ID: 618


  • DEA 1 positive/negative
  • Prior to blood transfusions, it is advisable to test donor and recipient animals for blood group compatibility (see crossmatch test).

  • A, B, C (formerly AB)
  • Do not use umbilical cord blood.
  • In cat breeds, the blood groups of the parent animals should be determined before mating in order to avoid neonatal iso-immune haemolytic anaemia. Genetic testing in A animals is indicated to detect carriers of the recessive B gene.


EDTA blood 1 ml


agglutination test for determining the serological blood group


1 day


  • Serological blood grouping is also part of the Blood Donation Profiles dog and cat.
  • it is possible to send out rapid blood typing tests for use in the practice.