Leucine crystalluria

Leucine crystals usually occur as big yellow or brown spheres with radially concentric layers (Fig. 31). However, such spherical objects don’t consist perhaps of pure leucine since it was described that pure leucine forms crystals which resemble to hexagonal plates.

According to our experience struvite crystals may be observed in dogs and cats which 1. are clinical inconspicuous, 2. have related to infections urinary calculus of struvite, 3. have sterile urinary calculus of struvite, 4 have urinary calculus of non-struvite, 5. have urinary calculus of mixed composition (e.g. a core of calcium oxalate with a shell of struvite) or 6. have urinary diseases without urinary calculus.

Fig. 31)

Microphotographic picture from a leucine-like crystal in the urine sediment from an eleven-year-old male half-breed dog.