Differentiation of EHV-1-variants

Two different EHV-1 variants have been described in horses (D752 vs. N752). Each is associated with a different level of neuropathogenicity (Nugent et al., 2006):

The D752 variant is associated with most outbreaks of neurological disease and is considered neuropathogenic. However, only a fraction of the horses infected with this virus will develop neurological signs.

The N752 variant is most commonly seen in conjunction with abortions, but in a smaller percentage of cases it is also associated with neurological disease. 

The risk of developing neurological disease is therefore greater in animals infected with the D752 variant, but infection with the N752 variant does not rule out the possibility of a neurological form of the disease. The differentiation is particularly interesting from an epidemiological point of view.

In a positive result in the EHV-1-PCR we will perform the differentiation of EHV-1 virus variants - automatically and without additional cost.


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