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Accreditation (Laboratory Bad Kissingen)

Laboratory handbook

In the sixth edition of our laboratory handbook you will find as usual a listing with all examination parameters sorted in indications to quicken the search regarding clinical signs. In the category “comments" you will find explanation for all tests and parameters from the laboratory point of view.

Test assay are reviewed under the newest scientific knowledge. Concluding you will find tables with reference levels for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, birds and some other pets. In addition converting factors are given to compare levels with other units.

Competence due to cooperation

A major role in the concept of LABOKLIN apart from the pure laboratory analysis plays the service of communication and advice.

Popular since 1996 in veterinary practices is our info-service “Rat&Tat". It provides a service for pet owners about important diseases and problems in their beloved animals. This will help to attach a client to a veterinary practice. In addition it should help to encourage the owners to think further and discover common problems much easier.

This is not only a series of publications; it directly encourages other laboratories to do the same.

Counterpart of "Rat&Tat" is the edition of "LABOKLIN aktuell" for veterinary surgeons.

Employees from LABOKLIN are present on certain meetings for vets and veterinary nurses.

But why are we supplying our clients with more and more information? Elisabeth Müller does not see any problems in loosing their role as an advice keeper. "Knowledge makes you even more curious. If you do not know what kind of service a modern laboratory can supply, why should you send in a sample?" Specialised in laboratory medicine our vets are able to suggest useful parameters or recommend in certain case practical and reliable in-house-test.

A sensible combination of in-practice diagnosis and high standard laboratory investigation provides the practitioner a full service advantage and a good understanding in the eyes of their clients.

Total E-Quality Award

Predicate 1997, 2005

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