INVITO al SEMINARIO GRATUITO di mercoledì 10.08.2022

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Dear colleagues,

We hereby invite you to our next webseminar:

"CKD Staging and treatment of an unwell cat – things that can go wrong"

Nobody is perfect, right? But why not make the best out of these cases that have gone wrong? IRIS staging is not an issue? It is a routine process, and you know what to do? However, in some cases difficulties arise when interpreting certain clinical pictures and laboratory data. Two feline cases will show where the pitfalls lurk. Not every case is as simple as one might think, when facing a dehydrated, acutely ill cat. Let us recapitulate the basics to prevent treatment errors and misunderstandings.


Quando: 10 agosto 2022 - ore 19:00

Relatrice: Dr Jennifer von Luckner

Dipl. ECVIM-CA, FTA Kleintiere + Innere Medizin Kleintiere


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