Urinalysis incl. Sediment

LABOKLIN Service ID: 2001

semiquantitative collection of clinical chemical and cellular parameters and measurement of specific gravity


urine 5 ml


specific gravity, pH, protein, haemoglobin/myoglobin, bilirubin, urobilinogen, glucose, nitrite, ketone bodies and erythrocytes, leukocytes, bacteria, yeasts, cylinders, epithelia, crystals


dry chemistry, photometry, microscopy


1 - 2 days


  • Diagnostic clarification of urinary tract diseases and superior diseases (liver or kidney disease or metabolic disorders) which may lead to changes in urination (polyuria, stranguria and oliguria).
  • Samples arriving on Saturday will be analysed the same day; delivery of the findings will take place on Monday
  • This test is also offered in combination with cultural urinalysis. In this case, 6 ml of urine are needed for the examination.
  • If characteristic crystals (see category Image Gallery) are found in the sediment, the animal species, urine pH and specific gravity should be included to draw clear conclusions about the chemical composition. Larger concretions can be analysed by FTIR (see Urinary Calculi).
  • Dog: Please indicate if treated with allopurinol.