Joint Congress of Veterinary Pathology and Clinical Pathology

In September this year, LABOKLIN participated in the Joint Congress of Veterinary Pathology and Clinical Pathology (ECVP/ECVCP/ESVP/ESVCP) in Arnhem, Netherlands. LABOKLIN had its own stand at the congress and several members of our team took part in the event, as both speakers and delegates.

In addition to companion animal and farm animal-related topics, the focus of the meeting included molecular research and wildlife diseases and conservation. The congress was also a great opportunity for networking between pathologists and clinical pathologists, allowing delegates to share research and diagnostic-related experiences. 

Some of the most important topics related to clinical pathology discussed during the congress included:

-Biomarkers in inflammatory disease
-Tumour classification: hematopoietic tumors, role of pathology and clinical pathology
-Role of flow cytometry in hematopoietic tumor
-Flow cytometry case presentations
-An approach to analyzing blood samples from weird and wonderful animals
-Role of clinical pathology in animal conservation
-Reticulocyte indices: how do they work and what do they mean?
-Chronic kidney disease: bone and mineral disease
-Biology of urinary exosomes and biomarkers of renal disease
-The same case seen by a clinical and an anatomic pathologist
-Mystery slides session (cytology) -Case presentations

LABOKLIN’s contributions to the conference program included several oral presentations and a number of scientific posters.

The following oral presentations were given by researchers and pathologists associated with LABOKLIN:

-    K. Steiger, H. Aupperle-Lellbach, B. Gruber-Beckmann, M. Reiser, N. Wirges, W. Weichert, N. Pfarr: Dog-cancer-panel – targeted massive parallel sequencing detects somatic and germline mutations

-      M. Guzera, J. Balcerzak, M. Romańska, I. Hoffmann: Case presentation: Myeloid sarcoma in a cat

-     Ebelt , S. Fuchs, C. Weber, E. Müller, U. Giger: Determination of blood groups DEA 1, DEA 4, DEA 5, Dal, and Kai 1/2 in different canine breeds in a veterinary diagnostic laboratory

The following posters affiliated with LABOKLIN were presented:

-   Jasensky, A. Melendez-Lazo, I. Rodríguez Pineiro, E. Müller: Bisalbuminemia in a dog with leishmaniosis

-    Hohloch, A. Kehl, H. Aupperle-Lellbach: BRAF variant V637E is not detectable in biopsies of feline transitional cell carcinoma

-      de Vries, J. Grassinger, H. Aupperle-Lellbach, H. Erhard, S. Merz, R. Klopfleisch: Identification of BRAF variant V595E in canine prostatic carcinomas


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