Hoof wall separation disease (HWSD)

Listing ID: 8464

Hoof wall separation disease (HWSD) is a genetic defect characterized by a hoof wall that easily breaks and cracks, and a normal appearing coronary band. The breaks and cracks begin to occur in young ponies. In severe cases the pony bears weight entirely on the sole of the foot which can lead to severe lameness. HWSD appears to occur only in the Connemara pony and the carrier frequency has been estimated to be about 15%. Some cases are milder while others are more severe. At least one case has been identified where the pony does not appear to have clinical signs associated with having two copies of the mutation. This indicates that the mutation is not fully penetrant; however it has very high penetrance of 96.8%.



Taqman SNP assay

Race Connemara pony, German Riding Pony
Inheritance autosomal recessive

3-5 days after arrival of the sample in the lab