Here you find a manual for our LABOKLIN App

With this App you‘re able to get access to your test results via your mobile device. Any time and everywhere, no need to return to your personal computer. The call up of your test results via the app has no impact on the other ways of result transmission.
Of course, you still receive your results how you’re accustomed. The LABOKLIN App is available for all the customers which are already using our web interface (“My Lab”). You can take a look in all the available results from the last 6 months. This includes also the material that we’ve already received but for which no result is yet available – this is represented as “received”.

Since the results are being kept up to date and are getting synchronized live, they can only be called up when your device is connected to the internet. 

Download App here:

How to install the app

Please type your customer number and your password in the required fields and confirm your input to register yourself. You can now save the web address in your favorites of the internet browser so you don’t have to repeat the input next time or you can add the icon to your home screen to select the App directly from your desktop whenever you’re connected to the internet.

How to call up the test results

When you’ve registered you can take a look in every available test result within the last 90 days. In case you have a great amount of test results, you have the possibility to filter them by writing a keyword or a number sequence and klick on the “Search” Button. The search request does not make a difference between capitalization and lowercase and is able to find the results from almost all categories including ID-no., race, name, owner and species.

To get to the original view click on “view all results” or the “Home” icon (house symbol) or simply click on the “Back“ button in your browser.

To see all details from the result please click on “More information”

How to change settings

If you click on the “option” icon (gear symbol) you can set your individual adjustments like your preferred language for example. Klick on the question mark icon for “help” to get on the info site where you find the terms of use and where you have the possibility to make contact to LABOKLIN via the app.

How to download the results as PDF

To download your test results as a PDF file simply click on the “Download as PDF” button. Please notice that this option is only available if all diagnostic analysis of the samples are completed and the test results have been uploaded.

If you’re using this service via an Android device, you find your file in your very own download section. From there you should be able to open the file.

How to forward a result to the customers

You have the option to forward the results as an attachment in an e-mail directly to the customer via the LABOKLIN app. For safety reasons we’ve decided to format the e-mail with special precautions that’s why we advise you to send at the very first start one to yourself to get accustomed to the layout.

If you wish you can add a sender address so your customer has been given the possibility to answer you. In case you leave the address field empty the e-mail will be sent automatically from our app[at] . Please be aware that all e-mails that are being sent as a response to this address are getting lost!

How to contact LABOKLIN

If you should have any problems with the performance of the app or you simply wish for further information please don’t hesitate to contact our team mates.

E-mail: info[at]

Tel.: +49 [0] 971-720 20

We’re always trying to improve our service. That’s why we want to encourage you to send us feedback about the app.

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