01/15  Het urinesediment: een belangrijk onderdeel van het urine-onderzoek in de praktijk


11/14  Preventieve screening bij oudere honden en katten


12/13  Anaërobe bacteriën

02/13  Cryptosporidium - Parasites causing diarrhoea not only in large animals


5/12  Anti-Müllerian Hormone

4/12  Take a Look at These Wild Slides – Haematology of Reptiles
3/12  Proliferations/Neoplasia of the Oral Cavity in Dogs and Cats

2/12  Coughing, Sneezing, Hoarsening - Infectious Diseases of the Canine Respiratory System

1/12  Glucocorticoids and their Influence on Allergy Testing


8/11  Examination of Pleural Effusions

5/11  Thyroid gland in Dog, Cat, Horse and Co, an Interpretation guide 

3/11  Skin lesions in rabbits caused by parasites and fungi

2/11  Cytologic Diagnosis

1/11  Immunohistochemical diagnosis of infectious diseases


6/10   Anemia in dogs and cats – guidelines for the veterinary practice

5/10   Circulatory disturbances in the liver of dogs and cats
1/10   Adverse reactions to food in dogs and cats


14/09  Improving tumor diagnostics by means of immunohistology 
10/09  Hematology in rabbits and guinea pigs

  6/09  Addison’s Disease in dogs - What do lab results tell us


 5/08  Leptospirosis:   yesterday and today...  
 4/08  Lyme disease     

 3/08  The Cushing's syndrome     

 2/08  Paraneoplastic Syndromes    

 1/08  Infectious deseases of reptiles


 8/07  Adverse food reaction and the gastrointestinal tract
 4/07  Dermatologic problems in puppies


11/06  How to get the most out of endocrinology samples
10/06  Parentage testing in the dog - new insights
  9/06  Allergen-specific Immunotherapy (ASIT) in cats
  8/06  Laboratory diagnostics in heart failure
  1/06  Hygienic concepts as preventive veterinary medicine – Why?


 9/05  Lyme-Disease - a „consensus statement“
 8/05  The use and efficiency of autovaccines
 7/05  Cutaneous lymphoid proliferative diseases in domestic animals
 2/05  Veterinary significance and identification of Salmonella, Yersinia and Campylobacter in faeces


 9/04  FeLV, FIV, and FIP - frequently asked questions!
 5/04  Intestinal diseases and food intolerance
 3/04  Microbiology in canine otitis externa


 4/03  Lab work in reptiles
 1/03  Antibiotics in small animal medicine 


 6/02  Adverse food reactions in dogs and cats
 5/02  Specific Immunotherapy (SIT)  PDF-File

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