Diagnostic Colour Atlas of Bee Pathology


From the authors Heike Aupperle and Elke Genersch

Diagnostischer Farbatlas der BienenpathologieThis Diagnostic Colour Atlas of Bee Pathology is the first atlas of its kind (bilingual german/english). This atlas provides the essential basics necessary for understanding the functional anatomy of honey bees and the pathogenesis
of bee diseases.
With its more than 350 colourful pictures
it is an informative and descriptive reference book for the diagnosis
of honey bee diseases to be used by pathologists, scientists, and
students but also by interested beekeepers. It covers the general
anatomy and organ systems of all developmental stages of healthy
honey bees in addition to all relevant diseases of larval and adult
honey bees caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Pathogens
and the corresponding pathological findings are visualized
in macroscopic, microscopic and electron-microscopical pictures.
The methods for the microscopic diagnostic in honey bees are also
shortly introduced and are suited as lab protocols for pathologists
engaged in bee disease diagnostics.

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The bilingual Bee atlas of Heike Aupperle and Elke Genersch wth more than 350 colourful pictures is a basic reference  for pathologists, scientists, students but also interested beekeepers.

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