Extended Food Allergy Panel


For several years now our laboratory offers a serological food allergy test to detect allergen-specific antibodies (IgE and IgG) for the diagnosis of food based hypersensitivities. The identification of  specific allergens allows for the development of an individualized therapy and food change to help alleviate the clinical symptoms in a patient. The increasing use of more „exotic“ sources of protein and carbohydrates in commercially available pet foods makes it very challenging to develop an elimination diet that only consists of unknown proteins and carbohydrates for the patient. 

We took into account the increasing demand to test for „exotic“ allergens and extended our existing test panel. The new and extended panel also tests for proteins and carbohydrates of novel origins that are not commonly fed to pet animals and may be used in home-made or new commercial diets.

8 Allergens in the new panel

meat from:

Wild Boar

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